At Lana’s Gymnastics Club, staff members are chosen for their maturity (adults), sensitivity, expertise, enthusiasm and positive caring approach to teaching children. Most of our instructors have been with us for many years and others started as children in our programs. They provide a fun, supportive, and challenging atmosphere that allows young people to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and morally.

Our coaches focus not only on the athletic ability of the children, but on their overall well being. Children learn the value of discipline, organization, determination and respect for themselves and others.

The Lana’s Gymnastics Club qualified staff consists of highly motivated, trained professionals with extensive education and training including a wide variety of techniques including European, Russian and Chinese as well as the best of the best here in the United States. You can always count on Lana’s Gymnastics Club staff to create a positive experience for your child. Our coaches are dedicated to studying and teaching gymnastics, dance and Tae Kwon Do and are all Safety Certified.

Our staff will help every child transfer thoughts and ideas into movement. Walking, running, skipping and jumping are just the beginning skills that a gymnast learns to perform effectively. Many other physical qualities are developed in our gymnastics program such as: strength, speed, posture/body tension, flexibility, sense of rhythm, coordination, agility, muscular endurance, static and dynamic balance.

Our students will never be asked to do anything that is too difficult for them to do. Children can never get enough pats on the back so positive reinforcement is the backbone of this program. Our goal is to make each child feel important and special. This is inherent in all that we do. Every child is applauded when an attempt is made in trying a new skill. Each child in every class will feel some sort of success and will go home feeling good about themselves.

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