Our Policy


Absence does not automatically permit a make-up class, unless the office is notified 24 hours in advance. There are TWO make-ups permitted during each regular semester.

The procedure is as follows:

There are no make-ups for any special classes (i.e. Team, Pre Team or other special programs).
No make-ups are permitted until the semester fee is paid in full

1. Inform the office when your child will be absent. Make-ups are permitted ONLY when the office is given 24-hours prior notice that your child will not attend a regularly scheduled class.

2. Schedule a make-up class with the office and take a make-up coupon so that you’re assured a space and it’s properly noted on the daily check-in sheet. DO NOT send your child to a make-up class without a coupon and confirmation with the office.

3. Give the make-up coupon to the coach before class starts.
A missed make-up class will not be rescheduled.
There is no make-up of a scheduled make-up.


If you plan to be absent during that time, you may schedule a make-up in advance. Make-ups are only for the current semester.
Please be considerate. Classes are small and advance notice allows the administration to schedule make-up classes. Make-ups are difficult for instructors and the office and beneficial for the parents please do your part.




Refund Policy

No refunds, session extensions or credits will be given for tuition or membership fees. A maximum of 2 make-ups per session can be scheduled in advanced through the office manager.

Discount Policy

1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child
Regular Price 10 % OFF 20 % OFF 50% OFF


Courtesy is the first rule of safety. Any student acting in an unsportsmanlike manner that endangers another student will be dismissed from class immediately. Continuing misconduct will result in dismissal from the program. There is absolutely no refund for dismissal because of improper or dangerous behavior.

Parent conduct

Parents MUST escort their child to the gymnastics instructor. They are not to be left alone in front of the school.

Pick-up for your child will be outside the locker room.

Parents MAY NOT enter the gym unless accompanied by a Preschool Program Gymnast. Instructor may invite parents to accompany a child out on the floor or sit nearby. This is ONLY at the discretion of the instructor or other gym staff. Do not distract your child or other members of the class by calling or waving while class is in progress. Every student’s attention should be with the instructor… this is for safety as well as courtesy. There is time for parental praise after class.

Please DO NOT BLOCK entrance to the gym

Manager may ask that a student change to another class for a number of reasons: to be with a more suitable age group, ability level, or even to create better group dynamics. Instructors are available to discuss aspects of the program with you, but not during the peak after school hours.


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