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Gymnastics is a great sport and one that will help children grow in many ways.


Gymnastics is a great sport for children of all ages. Gymnastics classes offer a variety of benefits: physical activity promotes exercise, coaches and instruction promote attentiveness and respect. Gymnastics helps children develop spatial and body awareness. It helps with physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. At Lana’s Gymnastics, we utilize games, gymnastics skills, equipment, and music to challenge children and nurture their physical and mental development.


For nearly sixteen years the staff of Lana’s Gymnastics Club has been influential in the general development of thousands of local children. We believe that the lessons these children have learned at Lana’s Gymnastics Club have helped make them the strong leader, outstanding athletes, and confident students that they are.
Our mission is to provide a safe and happy environment in which your child can increase their self confidence by developing their athletic ability.


The journey to success starts within, and at Lana’s Gymnastics Club, we stress that the value of every person is not based on their skill level, or what a judge thinks. We believe in drawing out personal strengths, and teach that victory is not won by comparison, but by the small inner victories we as individuals, accomplish everyday!


We believe in the necessity of every child being able to participate in their future success by engaging in our club in the present. This is why we offer affordable rates. We desire to develop within our participants, an attitude of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, strong will, confidence, teamwork, and respect. We expect that parents too, develop the above attitude through involvement with the club and in the growth of your child, as you participate with them in this process together.


We desire for your child to build lifelong friendships, and to utilize the value of our program as they venture out into the world. We truly are delighted for the opportunity of being a light to your child!

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